A unique environment

In the heart of the old town, a warm family primary school.

From Kindergarten to Primary 8

Faithful to the values and excellence for which it is renowned, the school prepares its students for Secondary school: public cycle (grouping 3) and private schools.

Inside a family atmosphere favoring listening individually to the student and his parents, the school gives children the taste of a job well done, because it has been well understood and well assimilated.

Brechbühl School continually updates its methods to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges. The end-of-year academic results of Primary 8 testify to the excellence of the program it provides, and places it, year after year, amongst the best private establishments in the canton.

Moreover, it is holder of the SWISS School Impulse label.

The tradition of excellence since 1875

Being the oldest private school in Geneva, Brechbühl School has been providing, for more than 140 years, a prime quality education of fundamental subjects, in addition to personalized guidance, which enables each student to develop the multiple facets of their personality.

Giving priority to children of protestant families in Geneva when it originally opened, today, Brechbühl School welcomes children of all nationalities and religions. However, it perpetuates the traditions and values specific to the Spirit of Geneva: tolerance, respect of others, sense of responsibility and openness to the world.

School charter


To be the private school for preschool and primary classes that provides rich, effective teaching, that instils a passion for work carried out well and that therefore ensure the pupils are able to succeed at secondary level.


To offer pupils a stimulating, caring environment where they can increase that knowledge and develop themselves through activities that improve awareness, independence and self-confidence.

To support pupils as they learn how to interact in society through practice and cooperation, respect for rules and differences, and examples set by teaching staff.


  • Professionalism and involvement from senior management and teaching staff

  • Thoroughness and coherence in learning programmes

  • Flexibility and soundness in teaching choices

  • Promotion and development of children’s interpersonal skills

  • Integration and respect for family values

A rigorous and caring team

Teachers at École Brechbühl are selected for the first-rate training they have received, their pedagogical touch, their professional diligence and their remarkably even-tempered disposition. To them, teaching their pupils real methods of working is as vital as imparting knowledge in key subjects, awakening their curiosity, supporting them in their reasoning and honing their critical spirit.

Enthusiastically and energetically, they create a teaching environment that is firm yet always warm-hearted, where children can learn and flourish safely.

Raphaël Gardiol

Sonny Foliot
English Teacher

Sarah Handasyde
English Teacher

Anna Oldridge
English Teacher

Karine Cibelly
Administrative and school life manager

Sophie Beck
Administrative and communication manager

Axelle Desmet
Full Teacher

Micheline Donzé
Full Teacher

Catalina Hagberg
Full teacher

Christel Laniesse
Full Teacher

Christelle Leclercq
Full Teacher

Nathalie Ormond
Full Teacher

Claire Personnic
Full teacher

Virginie Prothe
Full Teacher

Laurent Santilli
Full Teacher

Brigitte Volery
Full Teacher

Ainhoa Cayuso
Arts and Crafts Teacher

Christine Clausen Schuler
German Teacher

Céline Dietrich
German Teacher

Elise Viladent
English and Art Teacher

Martin Aria
Rhythm Teacher

Solène Chambaz
Classroom assistant

Zelia Morgado
Classroom assistant

Céline Sylvestre
Classroom assistant

Boris Clément
Physical Education Teacher

Aida Windell
Physical Education Teacher

Luc Westeel
Physical Education Teacher

Javier Belmonte
IT teacher

Romina Baptista
Religious history and humanist culture Teacher


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