OPEN DAY 10.12.22

from 10am to 2pm
Families are welcome to visit the school.

Registrations are open

Back to school 22 (from 3 years old)


The tradition of excellence

Founded in Geneva in 1875, Brechbühl School ensures academic success and personal development for children.

Academic excellence for children happy to go to the School

The personal development of your child also relies on his/her academic success. This growth and success are the vocation and purpose of our school.
Your child is unique: he/she has his/her own character, peculiarities and work pace.

Teaching at Brechbühl School
Sense of responsability
Taste for study
Taste for in-depth & careful work
Rigor & consistency
Integration & respect

A rigorous and caring team

The teachers at Brechbühl School are chosen for their excellent training, their pedagogical sense, their professional rigor and for being even-tempered.

Meet the team

All information on how to apply for admission is available online: